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Back-to-Work Modified Duty Class is in Session!

Why enroll your employees in a BACK-to-WORK modified duty class?

  • Employers may not be able to accommodate an employeeâ™s modified duty restrictions. Our program is an alternative to the employee staying at home.

What does BACK-to-WORKâ™s E.M.P. modified duty accomplish?

  • Educates workers on injury prevention and safety in the workplace.
  • Motivates workers to return to work.
  • Prepares employees to return to work at full capacity.

Why is BACK-to-WORKâ™s E.M.P. modified duty so popular with Californiaâ™s largest employers?

  • E.M.P. is the latest workplace tool that provides a win-win strategy to both employer and employee. Benefits include:


- Employees return to full duty faster
- Supervised environment for injured workers
- Employees attend E.M.P. âœclassâ instead of staying at home


- Daily physical fitness sessions
- Training in injury prevention and safer work practices
- Scheduled therapy appointments can be accommodated. 

"On the job injuries should not be a source of paid vacation.  Instead, call to enroll your modified duty employees today!"

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